Monday, 7 September 2015


Comradic greetings to all I am very karid via the whole galaxy.
Come, 11th-13th of this month, our chiefesis will gather once again to discuss and give verdicts about the club as supposed intellects.
Will, the same thing be done again as it is done over the years in recent times?
Gone are the days when there used to be a way forward after the chiefesis conference but now all we do is cases and allegations, trying to prove why one ilya is karid more than the other.
We've done this over the years and we still no where, a conference where we are suppose to have meaningful ending but as it were we can't, because our said chiefs that are suppose to give a way forward are either sleeping, running after the females that has come to represent their ilya as feathers or getting drunk, while we will have another set that will just be screaming karid, security observations and the likes not allowing those that are to give suggestions have their ground.

At the end of everything, I don't know if we will be one step ahead or ten steps backward with the so called cases and allegations and other mumbo jumbo to be considered.
If how the club will be registered and how peace and orderliness will be brought back to our dear club is not discussed, then I think I can categorically say that you our chiefesis have failed us once again!

Olofofo comradium has spoken..
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