Sunday, 6 September 2015


Yesterday, 5th of September 2015 witnessed the first comradic album launch of Chief Olusegun Solomon Oluwabanji (aka Chiefo du Gana). The event album launch event started around 1pm with entities from olumo. The Ab Chiefs present at the album launch were Ab Olumo, Ab Zau, Z2 Lacost, Z3 Meleki, Chief Babatunde Samuel (Zau), Chief Femi Oshati (Rock), Chief Olatunji Sule (Olumo) among other chiefs. Patron like Patron Sanusi, Patron Odua and Patron Rotimi were also present and not forgetting the presence of LSF Pat, LSF Seun, LSF Yinka, LSF Desoye, LSF Yemi, LSF Ademuyiwa, LSF Yomi from other hemisphere to grace the occasion. The launching of the album was done and some members of the club were elevated.
Below is the names of those elevated at the album launch
Sf Rasaq was elevated to LSF.
LSF Muyiwa was evalated to Patron.
LSF ADEOLU was elevated to Patron
Mrs Doyin Ogunbiyi was also made a matron.
While 3 new persons were fellowrised as the album launch ended successfully.

In the early hours of today 6th September 2015, the 36th Ab chief of ilya Olumo (Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Ogun State) was coronated. The coronation which held at Moshood Abiola cultural center Abeokuta saw entities from far and wide grace the function.

The function started on a promising note as the gyration started around some minutes after 8 in the night of 5th September 2015. The Procession to kick start the function was fired some minutes to 1 in the early hours of 6th September 2015, by the AB World, a procession line that saw over 80 Comrads all over (World, Lisabi, Akete, Lascohet, Ula, Ogun, Oronna, Survey, Lacost, Tecco, Moor, Fatika, Sped, Healteco Ilese, Meleki, Lisabi among others) observe it as the AB chief from World, National, Lisabi, Moromoji, Ogun, Healtheco Ilese, Oronna, Fatika, Lacoed, Tecco, Lacost, Nateco, Lascohet, Chalk, Akete, Shark, Moor, Atiba, Kwateco, Unilorin, Kakanfo, Zau and Olumo himself graced the function.
Some XY chiefs also could not but attend the function as XY Tecco, XY Timber, XY Moor, XY Shark, XY Nateco, XY Moromoji, XY-Z Meleki, Z World, Z2 Lacost, Z-Z4 Agbale, Chf Ebony Potato, Chf Austin Ilya Poly Ibadan, Z8 Nateco, Chief Ayemoboye Lagoon, Chief Gana, Chief Olatunji Sule among others.
Some Kords including AB Kord Baby Ilya Oronna, AB Kord Iyana convergence, AB Kord Ifo convergence, AB Kord Ijaiye, AB-XY Kord Era Convergence and  XY Kord Egbeda convergence could not but also grace the function.
The function also saw ilya du Survey coronate her new AB chief as the new AB Olumo was also coronated around 5:30am and everything ended successfully.

Olofofo comradium wishes AB survey and AB olumo a successful reign in their keg year.