The club mini encyclopaedia

Supreme comradium can be traced to thirteen students of the then Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology, who gather themselves every evening to relax after a hard day work. Upon hearing that their college would become a university the next morning, the excitement combined with ecstasy for being the first set of undergraduate of the university of Ife drove them on an enjoyment galore. The thirteen foundation students became the executive and periodically they donated palm wine for the consumption of the group in turns. Not before long, history was made as they became founding members of the first socio-cultural club in the world. All this occurred while they were at the Ibadan campus before they were moved to the permanent site in Ile-Ife. The palm wine drinkers club did not only come into existence by accident but by incidence, these Africans knowing full well their cultural background gather to sing folktale songs and drink palm wine. Consequently, they were able to retain the cultural heritage of the blacks which the colonial master were unable to take away and the club was established in October 1963. The pioneer executives of the palm wine drinkers club are; Professor Olusegun Adesina - President, but as a socio-cultural club it was agreed that he should be called Chief as in African traditional setting. Thus, Chief Olusegun Adesina was the first Chief to be coronated followed by Emmanuel Abiodun, Bisi Olatunji and others who served as executives alongside the chief. They are known as world chief. Over the years, many students in other institutions have found the activities of the club very interesting and fascinating. Thus obtained autonomy from University of Ife. (the world headquarters of the palm wine drinkers club) Among such institution is Federal College of Agriculture, Akure named ILYA du TRACTOR (First institution to have Keg of Office) others include University of Ibadan which obtained its keg of office in 1972 and it is known as ILYA du UI, The Polytechnic , Ibadan 1974 and several others. The club changed its name on October 1986, during the reign of Chief Anthony Uzodima Ogidi, the then world Chief, at the world Chiefsis conference of 1986 from palm wine drinkers club to Kegites club international with the motto Unity in Diversity from the basis of African peace.
The aims and objectives of kegites club is to preserve and promote African culture, promote peace among human race, resuscitate the cultural awareness of our fore fathers and promote honest living and truth among all members as well as to discourage tribalism and racism. The kegites club is now an international club as there are branches outside the shores of Nigeria. There are branches in United Kingdom, India, United States and various convergencies in other countries of the world. The kegites club international is one and indivisible. The supremost comradium has a special language with a peculiar dialectical  parlance which every member is delighted to speak at all times and gatherings.

• CHIEF: This is the president of the club in an ilya. He is in charge of accepting new member in the club that is called liberation and has the power to do many things.
• ELDER: He is the second in command, that is the vice preseident to the chief.
• FEDA: He is the secretary of an ilya.
• PARROT: He is the director of information in an ilya, he passes information to the comrades.
• PHILOSOPHER: He is the comrad who knows everything about the club, he teaches and tutorise both animales and comrados in the zoo.
• H.O.D: Head of drums, he is in charge of the drum in an ilya he also teaches the other comrades how to beat the drums.
• SONGITO: He is the vocalist of the club, he lead in songitizing in jara.
• MIGRATOR: He organizes ketekete (vehicles) for external gyrations.
• TAPPER: The person that rotates holy water .
• MARSHAL: The provost in an ilya , he make sure that the comrads behaves well in an ilya.
• LUPOUR: He is the person that shares the holy water for the comrades.
• ZOO COMMANDANT: He is the person in charge of the co-ordination of the zoo class.
• AJUCTANT: The person in charge of the chief’s items.
• CURATOR: A person in charge of the shrine, all the chieftaincy parapitenal is usually put in the custody of the curator.
• SPECIAL DUTY (spedu) : The person also carries out some duty in an ilya.
• ELDERSIS COUNCIL: Selection of chief and elders in an ilya who take some important decisions in order for the club to move forward.
• CHIEFSIS COUNCIL: This council is the highest body in the club comprising of ab, xy, xyz, archival and metusela chiefesis.
• SPIDER: He designs all the comradic materials example includes capito, regalia, neckito

• KEGISTIC LANGWAJA: This is the approved language of the kegites club.
• ILYA: This is a branch of kegites club, that has a kegite office, as a symbol of independent existence, it has a crowned chief.
• BABY ILYA: This is a newly commissioned branch of kegites club that has no keg office or a chief, but attached to an ilya and over see by a cordee (coronator).
• A SHRINE: This a warehouse where commradic materials are been kept mutation and selection also hold in shrine and a resting place for comrads and visitors.
•TRANSFORMATION/LIBERATION: The introduction of new member, who have attained all the requirement of the kegite club.
•ZOO: A place where new members are groomed.

Imbibe Imbibe in majesty
Holy water is good for me,
Holy water from kegite stream
That makes us happy every day.


• GREEN:  Stands for the palm tree shade.
• WHITE:   Stands for the purity of the palm wine.
• BROWN: Stands for the brown colour of the kegite keg.


• The ability to vibrate
• The ability to songitize
• The ability to drumatize
• The ability to cowarize
• The ability to migrate
• The ability to gyrate
• The ability to imbibe.

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