Monday, 18 April 2016


Just like Jesus Christ Rose from the dead on the third day, World headquarters finally coronated their egungun on the third appointed coronation date with the presence and involvement of Archival World Chefesis like Chief Dester, Chief Kola kazeem, Chief Moore and also with the presence of National chefesis like Chief biodun and Chief pakam.

Gyration started around 12:00pm as against the stipulated time table for the coronation function and Procession was fired at exactly 4:12pm with about 20 comrads forming the procession line.

Ab chefesis present were Ab National, Ab Survey, Ab Agbale, Ab Fedeco 2/3, Ab Zauzau, Ab Onion, Ab Ula, Ab Tecco, Ab Kakanfo, Ab Odua, Ab Kwateco.

Zd Onion among some other xy and above chiefesis were present as Lsf Atorise, Dekkeg Kebe and Patron Dakova were also made present.

Everything was observed karid as Holy ajara and solidify was tick.

The new Ab world was coronated successfully and he punctuated the function at exactly 6:06pm.

N:B : The newly coronated Ab World nullified the keg of office issued to a tent in America, ilya du windy indefinitely!

Olofofo comradium have spoken powerfully!
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