Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ilya du Lagoon Transforms

Encompassed with everything going on at ilya du Lagoon i.e, University of Lagos, the ilya held a successful transformation.
The transformation function which was held outside the school premises because of the closure of the school had it gyration started around 3pm and saw chiefesis like ab lagoon, ab shark, ab lacoed, ab lacost, ab survey, ab pyramid, ab kwateco, ab onion, ab national, ab lascohet, ab Tecco, ab akete in attendance with also xy lagoon, xy lascohet, pioneer lascohet , Zd Tecco , Iwin kwateco, chief yobo , chief Moore of Worldheadquarters, zd soil, zd6 tawinji. zd5 ryce , chief Anselm of ilya igbaradum among others also in attendance.
Procession was fired around 5pm by ab national as he also presided over the function with 24 comrads forming the procession line.
Ab national fired transformation around 6:22pm as 14 animales were transformed.
Everything ended successfully as the function was closed around 7:30pm.


Ab world was suspended for not bringing his Egungun to lagoon transformation as it was sealed at his second aborted coronation that he brings his Egungun  to  either of the  next 2 function which lagoon happened to be the second function.

Xy world was suspended for brutalising a said elder, he was suppose to be dischiefed also but the council agreed dat the case be treated in his presence dat was why he was first suspended...

Ilya du lascohet entities were seen fighting for food.

Olofofo comradium have spoken...
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