Thursday, 24 March 2016

Ilya Fatika transforms

As it is the tradition and culture of the club to transform animales each keg year, ilya Fatika today successfully transformed some set of animales .
In the absence of the Ab world, who I guess is still looking for venue for his coronation, Procession was fired around 5pm by Ab National with other ab chiefesis like ab olumo, ab survey, ab akete, ab lacoed, ab unilorin, ab kwateco, ab lagoon, ab lisabi, ab molusi present, while xy and above chiefesis present were chief gana, xy hill, chief gbenga desert among others as cord ijaye, olumo comrads, lacoed comrads, lisabi comrads and some other comrads were also made present.
Transformation was fired immediately after the procession and over 10 animales were transformed.
Everything ended successfully after a rough run in between ab molusi and a comrad of the ilya.

Olofofo comradium have spoken.