Thursday, 24 March 2016

ilya olumo transformation

Yesterday Wednesday 23rd March 2016, ilya olumo held her transformation. It all started with a boring Gyration around 10am with olumo comrads but as time went by, gyration became tick.
Procession was fired by ab national around 4:39pm as ab world was missing in action with 25comrads forming the procession line. Ab chiefsis like ab olumo, ab kakanfo, ab twins, ab fatika, ab lisabi, ab survey, ab akete, ab fatika, ab national, ab lagoon, ab kwateco, ab lascohet, ab lacoed, ab moromoji, ab unilorin, ab molusipresent. Some of the Ab chiefesis came late.xy and above chiefesis present were xy moromoji, Xy olumo, xy oronna, xy lascohet, Z2 oronna, Z oronna, Z olumo, Z3 timber, Z3 desert, chief Ghana olumo, chief abascha, chief igboro olumo, Z3 olumo, Z4 olumo and some other archival chiefesis of olumo.
Not also forgetting the presence of lsf path, patron tolu among others. comrads from olumo, moromoji, meleki, lisabi, fatika, lacost, ogun, kakanfo were also present.34 animales were transformed as pioneer cord ayetore convergence affiliated to ilya oronna was also inducted at the transformation function.
Everything ended well around 6:20pm as Nta station was also present to cover the function.

Olofofo Comradium has spoken.