Saturday, 29 August 2015


It was a collaborative coronation as Ilya du Moor (Federal College of Animal Health and production technology, Ibadan) and  Ilya du Timber (School of Forestry. Oyo State) coronated yesterday 28th August 2015 in a night jara.
The function started around 10pm with a light Gyration as Procession was fired around 2am for the proper commencement of the function.
The Chiefesis that were present included AB Fatika, AB Chalk, AB Tractor, AB Atiba, AB National,  AB Kankafo, AB Ula, AB Odua, AB Oyemekun, AB Onion, AB Olosunta, AB Moromoji, AB Lascohet, AB Kwateco, AB Unilorin,  AB Poly Ibadan, AB Twins, AB Timber and AB Moor as XY and above chiefesis were also present (XY-XYZ Moromoji, XY Shark, XY and ZD2 Meleki, XY Agbale,  ZD2 Lacost, Ebony Potato among others)
Karid entities from Fatika, Olumo, Lascohet, Odua, Unilorin, Kakanfo among others were also present to grace the function.
Just as all powers belong to God, it is a well known fact that all katakilism belongs to Oyo hemisphere as we were made to experience a little of their side attraction unpaid.
Everything was not really in order as Solidify was not too karid, the Holy Ajara was just there but the Gyration was Karid as it is one of the trademark of oyo hemisphere.
The coronation was successful as AB Moor and AB Timber were coronated and everything ended well.