Sunday, 23 August 2015


Ilya du Tawinji (Institute of Management And Technology Enugu State) yesterday 22nd of August 2015 coronated her new chief as it marked the beginning of a new keg year for the ilya.
Gyration at the function started around 9:00pm as procession was fired around 12:15am.
The Ab chiefesis that were present at the function were Ab ryce, Ab cassava, Ab Nkassu, Ab Unical, Ab Nigeria, Ab Tawinji, Ab Igbaladun, Ab Hama, Ab Coconut, Ab Engine and Ab Ashaina as the later two are on suspension. The xy and above chiefesis present were: xy Cassava, xy ryce, xy Hama, xy Nkassu, xy Tawinji, xy Engine, xy Nigeria, xy ashaina zd engine, zd tawinji, zd nigeria, zd kassava, Open space Tawinji, Kartastrophy ice, peacemaker ashaina, vice chairman mamiwata and Tailor du hama.
Everything was in order as Solidiy was karid, Gyration tick and the Holy Ajara was also tick
The Coronation rite was fired around 6:30am as AB Tawinji and AB Engine were coronated successfully.
The function ended around 9:15am

Olofofo comradium wishes ab Tawinji and ab engine a successful reign.