Sunday, 23 August 2015


Olofofo comradium witnessed yet another coronation of ilya Ovia in Edo/Delta Hemisphere yesterday 22nd August 2015.
The procession for the coronation function was fired around 2:30pm by the Ab World with over 30 comrads forming the procession line in a coronation that promised to be a peaceful one as it were.
The function was graced with the presence of AB World, AB Onion, AB chalk, AB Agbale, AB Ogun, AB Meliki, AB Fatika, AB Heteco Ilese, AB Lisabi, AB Imade, AB Fedeco 2/3, AB Hill, AB Bensu, AB Bishop, AB Poly Auchi, AB Ovia, XY World, XY Poly Auchi, Zid  Lisabi, XY Imade,  Zid Ovia, Chief Salam among others.
Ab VHF came for the function as he was sighted on his arrival but he didn't process as he was no where to be found during the procession.
The function was made colourful with a nice solidify, tick gyration and tick holy ajara.
The coronation rite was fired at exactly 3:30PM and the egungun was coronated as the new AB Ovia.
The coronation function was successful as function was closed around 4:30PM.
Olofofo comradium wishes AB OVIA a successful reign.