Friday, 21 August 2015


As it is the tradition and culture of the club to pick her new set of leaders at the end of each keg year, ilya Olumo today 21st of August 2015, successfully picked her new set of leaders as its been said that everything in life happen in turns .
The ilya’s elder sitting was reported to have started on Wednesday as the penultimate were been tested on their kariability by the council of elders from Wednesday through Thursday to Friday that the final pronouncement of the select was made. There were said to be more than 10 penultimales in the ilya but just 10 penultimates were considered.

Gyration started around 11:30am today Friday at the neat looking ilya shrine with 20 comrads starting the gyration and about 45 comrads forming the procession line when procession was fired around 2:15pm. Seven (7) archival chiefesis were present and five (5) archival eldersis were also present at the sitting. 
The gyration was tick just as the holy ajara was tick. The elders sat and successfully picked as the new selects of the ilya were blessed.
The sitting ended around 5pm.

Olofofo comradium wishes the ilya a successful coronation ahead..