Tuesday, 11 August 2015


As it happened at the egunguneless coronation of ilya lisabi over the weekend!

Amidst tension and anticipated katakilism, Gyration started with a low turn out compared to the previous coronation by the same ilya, possibly due to the fear of katakilism or poor migration by the Xy (immediate past AB chief). Procession was fired by AB national, about 2:30am. Olofofo comradium gathered that as at that time, the XY chief left a meeting to be able to process. The meeting was held in an undisclosed location between the chefesis of the ilya so as to decide who to coronate, as this was the initial bone of contention. Finally, the gyration / procession ended.
The council held a meeting to deliberate on way the forward and resolved to conduct a sitting. Finally, the council selected and the egungun was coronated about 9am.
It is important to bring to the notice of the entire public that there wasn't any form of katakilism, as the tension eased immediately, the council gave the result of the sitting.
Congratulations to the AB lisabi, arogundade ilufemiloye of ilya lisabi, may your daises be long!