Sunday, 23 August 2015


It was a coronation made in Shrine as ilya Odua coronated another big elephant for the ilya yesterday 22nd august 2015 in a night function.
The function started around 10 pm with gyration as usual, procession was fired around 2am by the Ab world with a low turn out of comrads as just 44 comrads formed the procession line to officially kick start the function.
The function was graced with the presence of Ab World, Ab National, Ab Onion, Ab Imade, Ab Meleki, Ab Ogun, Ab Mountain, Ab Healteco Ilese, Ab Lisabi, Ab Hill, Ab Fedeco, Ab Odua, Ab Chalk, Ab Olosunta, Ab Ula, Ab Agbale, Ab Shark, Ab Timber, Ab Heatheco Ilesa, Ab Fatika and also lots of xy and Above chiefesis. Entities from World Headquarters, ilya Meleki, ilya Oyemekun, ilya Hill and some others were also present.
There was a special side attraction as AB MOUNTAIN was given a nice package by some of his fadasis and entities.
The Coronation rite was fired and the egungun was coronated as the nes AB Odua successfully even with the side attraction as it did not have any effect on the coronation function.
Olofofo comradium wishes Ab Odua a successful reign.