Sunday, 16 August 2015


It was a thing of joy at ilya du Poly Auchi in Edo Hemisphere as the ilya coronated her new AB chief Yesterday 15th, August 2015.
It was a beautiful and peaceful outing as mostly comrads from Edo/Delta graced the Function. Precession was fired by the AB WORLD around 4pm with over 90 comrads forming the procession line. The function was graced with the presence of AB XX, AB BISHOP, AB OVIA, AB BENSU, AB VHF, AB COCONUT, AB IGBALADUM, AB HILL, AB MELEKI, AB HEALTECO ILESE, AB MOROMOJI,  AB OGUNNE AND AB WORLD and also not forgetting the xy and above chiefesis in presential that included XY POLY, XY BISHOP, XY XX, XY, Z3, 6, 7, 11 OVIA, Z POLY, Z2 POLY, ACHV. NIGERIA, ACHV BENSU AMONG OTHERS.
The coronation was fired as the new ab was coronated successfully and he closed the function around 5:50pm.
Wishing Ab poly Auchi a peaceful reign.