Saturday, 15 August 2015


Boasting is not their personal style but they know what they are doing ; Ilya du TECCO , a very karid ilya , one in eko hemisphere, one in supreme comradium, Ultimate in upholding the norms and tradition of the great club by still laying on the foundation of those from inception ;
Gyration started around 12pm on a light mood in the transformation function of the ilya yesterday 14th, August 2015.
The transformation function was graced with the presence of Ab chefesis from National, Lacost, Shark, Lagoon, Lascohet, Lacoed, Nateco, Fatika, Lisabi, Zau+, Sahara and the hosting chief himself, Procession was fired for the proper commencement of the function around 2:23pm by Ab National With about 39 Comrads forming the procession line.
XY and Above chiefesis were also present as they included Xy shark, xy unilorin, xy meleki, xy tecco, Pioneer lascohet, zd tecco, chief Kerewa, zd3 agbale, zd3 potato among others. The Transformation rite which was the main Purpose of the function was fired around 5:54 pm and 24 animales were transformed (6 okpekesis and 18 okpakasis.
The Gyration was okay, Holy Ajara was okay too and the solidify was okay for consumption too.
Everything went fine as the function ended peacefully.

Who says comradium can't get better if we all know what we are doing and we do them right!

Congratulations to Ilya du Tecco....

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