Sunday, 16 August 2015


Ilya OYEMEKUN, a baby ilya to ilya FEDECO in the late 90's coronated a new AB chief to see to the affairs of the ilya for the next keg year.
It was the 25th Anniversary of the ilya as procession was fired around 2:40am with over 40 comrads forming the procession line.
The AB chefesis in presential were, AB world, AB Chalk, AB Onion, AB Ula, AB Agbale, AB Oyemekun, AB Hill, AB Fedeco 2/3, AB Imade, AB Olosunta, AB Odua, AB Tractor, AB Timber, AB Poly Ibadan,  AB moromoji,  AB Potato, AB Ogun, AB Meliki, AB Heteco Ilese, AB VhF, AB Ovia.
XY and above chiefesis that graced the function were XY World, XY Agbale, XY Ula, XYZ-3 Ula, XY Imade, XYZ Imade, ZID-2 Imade, Zid-15 Oyemekun, Chief 4k-up, among others.
The Solidify, Holy Ajara and Gyration was thick  as coronation rite was observed without katakiliism and everything ended well and the new AB Oyemekun was coronated successfully
The function was closed at around 6:15AM as the newly coronated Ab OYEMEKUN closed the function.

Wishing Ab OYEMEKUN a successful reign.